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How does Android Auto Work?

Here is a quick summary on how Android Auto works and how it can benefit you on your car radio.

Android Auto is an Android app that works with your car's built-in Android Auto head unit to let you control your phone from the car's display.

Android Auto lets you use your Android smartphone as a dashboard, giving you access to all of your phone's apps and displays. You can use it with any vehicle that has an available Android Auto app.

Android Auto is available on select 2017 and newer vehicles, as well as over fifty car models. With Android Auto, you can use your voice to control the infotainment system.

Android Auto offers several features that work in conjunction with a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone. You can use your phone to make calls, receive messages, send texts, and even listen to music while driving. Your phone's GPS is also used to provide directions when the car's navigation system is not available.

Android Auto supports Google Maps for directions, which displays street names and addresses on your car's screen. It also provides turn-by-turn navigation instructions when you're using an Android Auto smartphone with navigation capabilities.

Android Auto also offers a hands-free experience so that you can use both hands on the steering wheel instead of holding your phone in one hand while trying to operate it with the other.

Android Auto Feature On

Turn on your car's Bluetooth connection if you haven't already done so. On some vehicles, you may need to press a specific button on the steering wheel while sitting in the driver's seat to enable Bluetooth connectivity.

Open the Google Play Store app on your phone (or download it through Apple's App Store).

Tap "My Apps" in the bottom right corner of the screen, then locate and tap "Auto" from there.

From here, you can choose from one of three options: manual, voice, or text. Each option will dictate how you want to control Android Auto with your vehicle's touchscreen display.

After selecting an option, you're ready to start using Android Auto.

Android Auto will display a list of available apps that are compatible with your vehicle. Select one or more apps to install onto your device's home screen. You can also add apps directly from their respective websites by tapping "Add" next to each app's title.

Android Auto Retailers

If you would like to experience how an Android Auto radio works, stop into one of our premier car audio locations. You can find them our retailer location and they would be happy to show you all of the android auto features.


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