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How a Remote Starter can Benefit you in the Winter

When winter arrives, the usual conundrums of driving in the cold come. The roadways are slick, tires lose traction and you're left wondering whether it's worth it to put your car on the road when you are already late for work.

If this sounds like you, then a remote starter may be right for you. It can help keep your car running smoothly as temperatures drop and your day gets crazy.

A remote starter is a device that allows you to start your car without having to leave it in the garage. A remote starter can be beneficial in the winter months when temperatures are low and it’s hard to get out of your car. If you live in a colder climate, a remote starter can help keep your car warm and save money on gas.

Remote starters also allow you to start your car from up to 1,500 feet away. So, if your garage door is open or the keys have slipped from your pocket and fallen on the ground outside, you can use a remote starter to get your car started without having to go outside in the wintry weather conditions.

You can also set up a remote starter so that when someone else is driving their car with the key fob in their pocket or purse, they won't have to worry about freezing fingers trying to grab or hold onto a key ring while trying to start their vehicle because they will not have access to any other keys but their personal one that goes with their vehicle's key fob.

Here are a few ways a remote starter can benefit you in the winter:

Reduce your car's emissions

The emissions produced by your car when it is running are a big contributor to its fuel consumption and emissions. A remote starter can help you reduce these emissions by reducing idling time and allowing the engine to start more efficiently when you need it most. It will also minimize wear and tear on your vehicle's engine by minimizing idling time while it sits in storage over the winter months.

Save money on gasoline costs

A good thing about using a remote starter is that it will cost less money on gas than if you were using an automatic transmission or manual transmission car that has been sitting in your garage all winter long without use or fuel input from you (and thus no engine heat). If you use this technology during the winter months, it could be worth hundreds of dollars over the course of one year just on fuel savings alone.

It keeps your car safe in severe weather conditions

When temperatures drop below zero Fahrenheit or when there's snow on the ground, driving can become dangerous due to poor visibility and slick roads — especially if you don't have another driver available who could take over driving duties until conditions improve again later in the week or weekend.

Keep your car clean

If you don't have time to clean your car after using it or if you live in an area where snow falls frequently during winter months, then having a remote starter installed on your car can be a huge benefit for keeping it clean year-round. Instead of having to go inside every time you want to use your vehicle, simply open the garage door, and start driving away. Ready to get a quote on a remote car starter? Use authorized retailer look up and find a remote starter expert near you!


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