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How does Paint Protection Film protect your Vehicle?

Paint protection film is a thin, transparent plastic sheet that is applied to the paint of your vehicle. It is designed to protect the surface of your vehicle from scratches and scrapes. The best part about paint protection film is that it can be applied at any point in the service life of your car or truck. You can even reapply it whenever you want to protect against new damage.

There are many ways in which paint protection film protects your vehicle. It prevents the paint from getting scratched, chips and dents. This is because paint protection film is made of a special material that is resistant to damage caused by UV rays.

Paint protection film protects against:


Paint protection film prevents scratches caused by abrasive materials on the road and by sharp objects such as broken glass or metal pieces. It also protects against scratches caused by sandblasting, acid rain and gravel particles on the road.


Paint protection film prevents chips from forming on the paint surface due to its excellent adhesive properties. Chips form when a sharp object hits the surface of the vehicle's bodywork or frame and leave small holes on it after they come off again without leaving any mark behind them on the surface of the vehicle's bodywork or frame; these holes are easily visible when looking at your vehicle closely; these damaged areas can then cause rusting problems later down the line if not attended to properly.


Stains are the most common damage to your vehicle's paint. They can be caused by road dirt, bird droppings, tree sap and other contaminants. The damage caused by stains varies from a small scratch to complete paint loss. Paint protection film protects your vehicle against stains by providing a barrier between the contaminant and the vehicle's finish. It seals in dirt particles and prevents them from entering the pores of the paint surface.

Rust and corrosion

Corrosion is among the most common causes of vehicle damage. It takes place when water containing dissolved salts encounters metal parts like wheel rims and chassis. The salt water reacts with the metal, causing corrosion which results in rust. If you are looking to add paint protection to your new vehicle, use our RETAILER locator and find a reliable location that will serve you best in protecting your new or used vehicle with paint protection.


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